Shanklin Volume 3


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The War Years

Sandown Bay ar war during its life time.

1943 - Shanklin's Darkest Hour

January and Februry 1943 would be a time Shanklin will never forget.

A Royal Isle

We take a look at Royalty who have lived and visited the Island.

An Olympic Journey

A look back to those who have represented various countries but were born or came from the Island.

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Historical films about the Isle of Wight.
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Shanklin Volume 3 


The third in this three part series on Growing up in Shanklin. This film is presented by Mum and Daughter team, Nikki Collinson - Phenix and Laanii Collison - Phenix. (This is a re-edit from its original, due to safe guarding, the original film featured year six pupils who have not yet reached the age of maturity). This version looks at the sea featuring the Sandown and Shanklin independent Lifeboat and the pier. Four past members from St. Blasius go back to the school to be quizzed by year six pupils (this section has been edited) as well as looking at other schools including the building school. We meet shop keepers and look at how shops have changed over the years. Sport around Shanklin is a big part of people lives, we meet commonwealth shooter, Richard Wilson and England Angler Kevin Sampson as well as a visit to the bowls. In entertainment, Shanklin theatre is featured along with cinemas and the theatre on the pier and we look at when tragedy struck with the storms in 1987. More entertainment this time featuring the pubs and clubs and a look at when David Essex came to Shanklin to film 'That'll be the Day'. The film finishes with those who were children during the war years with memories of playing on bomb sites and the raids.

  • Narrated by Nikki Collinson - Phenix and Laanii Collison - Phenix.


  • John Fleming
  • Pat Glover
  • Esther Knight
  • Tony Coleman
  • Robert Young
  • Cherie Earle
  • John Harden
  • Raymond Ridett
  • Les Benford
  • John Holmberg
  • Mick Bull
  • Michael Remouf
  • Richard Wilson
  • Mark Birch
  • Kevin Samson
  • Steve Knight
  • John Holmberg
  • Nigel Young

Directed by Pip! Pip!

Running Time 85 mins. ©2020

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