Archibald Lyle and Shanklin Airdrome


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The War Years

Sandown Bay ar war during its life time.

1943 - Shanklin's Darkest Hour

January and Februry 1943 would be a time Shanklin will never forget.

A Royal Isle

We take a look at Royalty who have lived and visited the Island.

An Olympic Journey

A look back to those who have represented various countries but were born or came from the Island.

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Historical films about the Isle of Wight.
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Archibald Lyle and Shanklin Airdrome


80 years ago on the 28th of November 1940 Archibald Patrick Lyall from 602 Squadron was shot down by German Ace Helmut Wick, crashing at the Isle of Wight's Shanklin Airdrome. This film tells the the story of Lyall, Wick and Dundas, three very different people who will always be connected on this day. The film also features a brief history of the airfield.

  • Narrated by Retired Air Vice-Marshal Tony Stables CBE and IW RBL President Ian Ward BEM
  • Historian - John Holmberg.

Produced by Richard Priest

Written and Directed by Kev Weeden

Running Time 13 mins. ©2020

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