1943 - Shanklin's Darkest Hour


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1943 - Shanklin's Darkest Hour

January and Februry 1943 would be a time Shanklin will never forget.

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We take a look at Royalty who have lived and visited the Island.

An Olympic Journey

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Historical films about the Isle of Wight.
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1943 - Shanklin's Darkest Hour


In this film we look at the Shanklin Bombing of 1943. In 2023 It was the eightieth anniversary when destruction was forced on the town of Shanklin. January the 3rd four FW 190’s dropped four bombs, hitting, the local Roman Catholic Church, Cottages, Shelters and the home of the NFS, with fatalities of all ages. Six weeks later on the 17th of February the town was again hit, with more fatalities including Reverend Irons, who only six weeks early was leading the previous bomb victims funeral. The film includes eyewitness reports of these day’s and the story of the Kingswell’s who’s tragedy included both bombs.

  • Narrated by Jay White
  • Roll Call - Immy and Neve
  • Reading and Blessing - Reverend Mark Williams


  • Peggy Forward
  • Mick Bull
  • John Fleming
  • Len Benford
  • Henry Appel
  • Barbara Price
  • John Harden
  • Pat Glover
  • Nigel Young
  • June Kingswell
  • Evelyn Smith
  • Ann Kendell
  • Lord Lieutenant Susie Sheldon

Produced by Richard Priest

Written and Directed by Kev Weeden

Running Time 40 mins. ©2023

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