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The War Years

Sandown Bay ar war during its life time.

1943 - Shanklin's Darkest Hour

January and Februry 1943 would be a time Shanklin will never forget.

A Royal Isle

We take a look at Royalty who have lived and visited the Island.

An Olympic Journey

A look back to those who have represented various countries but were born or came from the Island.

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Historical films about the Isle of Wight.
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Welcome to the Growing up in the Bay website

Growing up in the Bay are a collection of films made by SVYCC Films (Shanklin voluntary youth and community centre), IOW Films and the IOW Film Club featuring the area on the Isle of Wight known as the Bay, these include Shanklin, Lake and Sandown. All of our films are made on the Island using local talent and are ideal for those who enjoy the history of the Island. All our films include a feast of information for those who enjoy research or school projects and features local historians and locals who have lived and been there.

Apart from films on the Bay, we have a collection of other specials, that feature all parts of the island, which has an Island collection.

If you have an idea that you think would make an interesting project, why not get in touch and get involved, we are always open to new ideas.

The Royal Isle - Now Available

In our second film featuring young people in the bay, join Imogen and Neve as they tell you the story of some of the royals that visted or made the Island their home, running time 53 minutes.

The Sandown's and the wars - Release date, mid-June

Over the years Sandown has had three named ships, in this film we tell the stories of all three, which includes HMS Sandown 1916, PS Sandown 1934 IOW passenger ferry that was used for both Dunkirk in 1940 and D-Day in 1944, and HMS Shanklin 1988. Film available from middle of May.

Donald Caladine Bate - Release date, September

In September 1944 Donald Caladine Bate was part of a Pathfinder paratroop unit the 21st Independent paratroop company and was one of the first into Arnhem. In this film we hear his story and that of the Bate family who came to the Island in 1942. Film available the middle of May.

For this film we need a male adult to voice over the Bate Diary's, If interested please e mail us on info@tyberfilms.com for more information.

Please Note: HMS Seal will now not be available till 2025.

New films which are currently in production "Commonwealth War Graves in the Bay" and " The Wight Queen, the story of Isabella De Fortibus"

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